Estonian and Swedish safety investigation authorities conduct underwater survey on the wreck of M/S Estonia in July

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The Estonian Safety Investigation Bureau, the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority and the Finnish Safety Investigation Authority are performing a preliminary assessment of the new information that became evident in September 2020 about holes in the hull of M/S Estonia.

The purpose of the preliminary assessment is to establish whether the new information gives reason to revise the conclusions drawn in the 1997 JAIC-report.

Under the lead of Estonia, the Estonian and Swedish authorities will perform a pre-survey at the accident site in July 2021. The length of the operation is scheduled to be ten days but that calculation is depending on the weather situation.

The pre-survey will be carried out by the Estonian multipurpose icebreaker EVA-316 and the Swedish research vessel Electra af Askö. The main purpose of the pre-survey is to examine and document the ship’s position on the bottom and the area’s sea bottom . Different kinds of sonar instruments, such as multibeam and sidescan sonar will be used.. The intention is also to photograph the ship by using a ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle). A more extensive photographic documentation is scheduled for spring 2022, a time of the year when the visibility is assumed to be the best.

The two ships participating in the pre-survey will leave their respective ports the 8th of July. On the 9th of July, a ceremony will be held at the accident site, on the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board vessel Kindral Kurvits. The ceremony will be coordinated by the Estonian church and representatives of the churches of Estonia, Sweden, Latvia and Finland will participate.


Further Information:

Estonia (OJK): Executive Director Rene Arikas, +372 5300 6001,

Sweden (SHK): Deputy Director General Jonas Bäckstrand, +46 8 508 862 82,, or

Investigator Jörgen Zachau, +46 8 508 862 13,