Video mosaic of m/s Estonia's bow ramp

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According to the order of the Estonian Safety Investigation Bureau, Tuukritööde OÜ carried out underwater robot survey at the wreck of the passenger ferry Estonia between 14 and 15 July 2021 to check the images and objects on the sonar images. Based on the video frames, a video mosaic of the bow ramp of the passenger ferry Estonia was created, with explanatory drawings attached.

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Figure 1. A video mosaic of the bow ramp supported by the seabed and bow part of the wreck of the passenger ferry Estonia. The mosaic is based on the underwater robot survey (ROV) carried out by Tuukritööde OÜ, showing a view from the bow to the stern (East to West). The cut-out of the video mosaic does not visualize the entire ramp, as it was not filmed during the preliminary marine surveys for the purpose of 3D imaging

Figure 2. According to the data of the sonar survey of the preliminary marine surveys of 2021, the wreck of the passenger ferry Estonia lies at a list of 134°. The forward bulkhead with the ramp opening is shown in the figure by pink contour. The ramp, marked with light blue contour, leans against the hull with its inner side. The red contour indicates the lower starboard side ramp corner which is detached from the ramp and still connected to the hull.

Figure 3. Outer side of the Estonia’s bow ramp, showing previously known damages (dents) with a light blue contour and a top view of the forepeak deck with an orange contour.

Figure 4. Video mosaic of the MS Estonia’s bow with all contour layers.